Jabbull meaning and definition

Jabbull meaning

"A most delicious adult beverage consisting of a glass of Red Bull and a shot of Tangueray and taken like a jagerbomb resulting in an explosion of flavor in your mouth much like sweetarts."

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jab end meaning and definition

See Bell-end, term used to describe the end of yer nob. Can be used also as an insult.

Jaberkin meaning and definition

vb. To have anal sex while giving birth, or with a pregnant woman giving birth.

jace meaning and definition

A guy who is nice to everyone....jace will make someone smile and laugh he's the guy who will become a friendI'm so glad I have a Jace

jacey meaning and definition

A gorgeous freshman girl.

jackaroo meaning and definition

1. An extremely attractive male one would flirt or "mac on" 2. The male equivilant of a "biddie" 3. Prime male macking subject 4. Opposite of a jillaroo


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