Jos meaning and definition

Jos meaning

Sweet, artistic and loving. Thinks about things deeply and thoroughly and is a bit scatter-brained as a result. Cares about others, yet can give them space. Adorable and sexy at the same time. Passionate lover. True.

Jos meaning

An abbreviation of Joseph, or an abbreviation/nickname of Joscelyn.

Jos meaning

The urge to work hard, be serious and not make jokes.

Jos meaning

Jizzed on Sight. Pronounced like nos. Usually used when an attractive female walk by.

Jos meaning

The greatest person to ever walk the planet. On top of the perfect looks, he is also incredibly smart although lazy. He is the ideal boyfriend and perfect in every way.

Jos meaning

(pronounced "jahss") (noun) Jack Off Session. Occurs among two or more males at sleep overs, camp outs, etc., when group sex talk, watching sexy movies, or homoerotic wrestling matches makes one guy horny, and he has to leave the group to find a private place for some quality masturbation. Internet access is usually preferred, but not necessary. If multiple males leave together for a jos, the jos is called a circle jerk.

Jos meaning

It stand for Jesus OF Suburbia. A song sung by Green Day on the album American Idiot.

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jotto meaning and definition

wat you would call the maddest bloke ever

Jouri meaning and definition

Jouri is a Russian boy's name. Guys who have that name, are often very nice, sweet and sexy.

Joy Buzzer meaning and definition

Shaking someone's hand with a little turd in your palm.

Joyce meaning and definition

first of all. if you know a joyce, youre damn lucky. if youre friends with one, youre the luckiest person in the whole world, perhaps universe.a joyce has qualities of an unbelievably amazing person. shes lovable, funny, gorgeous, trustworthy, loyal, breathtaking, sweet, and they are incredibly caring and understanding.

joyriding meaning and definition

Joy Riding is when you have sex with someone when one of the persons is on their period