Jouri meaning and definition

Jouri meaning

Jouri is a Russian boy's name. Guys who have that name, are often very nice, sweet and sexy.

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Joy Buzzer meaning and definition

Shaking someone's hand with a little turd in your palm.

Joyce meaning and definition

first of all. if you know a joyce, youre damn lucky. if youre friends with one, youre the luckiest person in the whole world, perhaps universe.a joyce has qualities of an unbelievably amazing person. shes lovable, funny, gorgeous, trustworthy, loyal, breathtaking, sweet, and they are incredibly caring and understanding.

joyriding meaning and definition

Joy Riding is when you have sex with someone when one of the persons is on their period

JRM meaning and definition

Acronym for cult icon Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

JROTC meaning and definition

JROTC is an elective class for high school students who want to learn leadership skills,how to be a better citizen,who are interested in the military,and want to learn other skills that will make them a better person.