Just chillin meaning and definition

Just chillin meaning

ryan farrokhnia or just hanging out

Just chillin meaning

to relax, smoke a blunt personal time to get ya mind rite ya herd

Just chillin meaning

just chillin has many meanings. the most common are when an individual really isnt gettin into shit.usually replied back when tryna chill alone. chillin can also refer to sittin down somewhere,blazin up,wit a lil kil or maybe some good up in the cup.shit maybe even both...yeah.. the other derivative of the word is used as a reply when an individual is smokin with others or is confronted about being high,or drunk,but is not fully gone yet...just chillin.

Just chillin meaning

to relax, smoke a blunt and chill wit someone that has ur mind, heart, body and soul.My Baby Marcus!

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Just go with it meaning and definition

A phase used by drunk upper class females to coerce a male under class into having sex with the said upper class female despite the consequences. The male is in a moral tragedy at this point. he can accept the sexual advances of the drunken female and risk expulsion or face the ridicule of his classmates for his decision.

juvenile hall meaning and definition

Jail, for minors. Some are more intense than others. Some have alot of fighting and gangbanging, but others are basically day care.

juvenoia meaning and definition

The fear one generation of adults holds towards the younger generations succeeding them. Often times coincides with the inability to recall one's own childhood and use this as perspective when formulating opinions about "today's" youth.The feeling that entertainment, social practices, fashion, etc was superior in one's past when compared with how these are practiced by younger generations in modern times.

juvia meaning and definition

Strong willed, beautiful and extremely emotional

K2 meaning and definition

Something that is synthetic marijuana using JWH 018 good for smoking. you can roll up dat bong.


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