j00 g0t pwntz0r meaning and definition

j00 g0t pwntz0r meaning

basically YOU GOT PWNT(zor)call mesam that and watch how he retaliates the runescape addicted idiot all he does is play runescape.

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J00h meaning and definition

A sexy man, whose bald and has a fuzzy body, with a ginormous, elongated, circumcised penis to the point where it can unhinge your jaw trying to fit it in your mouth, he is caring and sweet, a whiz with computers, has an array of confidence that oozes power and dominance, all the guys wish they were him, makes an excellent daddy, witty, intelligent, smart ass, great body, good with money but stingy with it as well, dress's well and cares about his appearance and health, has a bad boy image but is a softy with his special lady, can make love better than a black man, outgoing, spontaneous, pot head, leaves a lasting impression on everybody.

j00hai meaning and definition

Someone you often speak in '1337' with, as a form of greeting. Used to create variety from saying 'Hai j00' all the time.

j00k meaning and definition

An internet "1337" speak term for "Are you ok?".

j00lz meaning and definition

hax0r mak000000r

J00N00b meaning and definition

When a person who is a noob is a jew


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