j4u meaning and definition

j4u meaning

Just for you.

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J9 meaning and definition

Short for Jeannine! Coolest girl ever

jaafar meaning and definition

The single most popular motherfucker in existence. Elvis Presley popular...Matt; dude You're so fucking popular you won prom kingJaafar; you don't even know the half of it man, I had sex with the entire cheerleaders team

jaan meaning and definition

It means Darling in Desi slang.. Other words that can be used are Jaaneman

jaanam meaning and definition

In Hindi the world jaanam means darling, someone who loves to sing, dance and have fun yet is extremely caring and has an amazing heart. jaanam describes a person who is beautiful from the outside in.

jaanu meaning and definition

an indian way of saying sweetheart


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