jaan meaning and definition

jaan meaning

Pronounced as Ja-anthe word Jaan has its roots in the Sanskrit/Urdu Language.the translation of the word is 'Life'The term is has two primary usages: 1) can be used as a term to express life, personal to you as an individual.2) is widely used as a term in East Asian countries as a way to addressed your beloved one. The person you love becomes your everything your life, therefore the ancient sages and habitants of EA began calling their partners/lovers/spouses Jaan as a way to express their deep affection for them. Usually, your Jaan would have the following characteristics: - they complete you - they are always in your mind, thoughts, heart - they care deeply for you - they love you - they are kind, genuine, sweet, caring, understanding, honest, loyal, faithful - no matter how wonderful and unwonderful times are, they always stand by you - they have big hearts - they make your heart skip beats - you would do anything for them - they are the reason you smile day in day out - you can see yourself spending the rest of your life with them - they gift you with goodies such as hugs, kisses and comfort - you can see in their eyes a sincerity - they are your best buddy - you can share with them anything and they are trusted - you love them with all your heart - you can't imagine life with out them - they are your life*(Include but are not limited to the above)

jaan meaning

It means Darling in Desi slang.. Other words that can be used are Jaaneman

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In Hindi the world jaanam means darling, someone who loves to sing, dance and have fun yet is extremely caring and has an amazing heart. jaanam describes a person who is beautiful from the outside in.

jaanu meaning and definition

an indian way of saying sweetheart

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