jabbita meaning and definition

jabbita meaning

A word in which can mean a numerous amount of things, and can be used to answer a question; usually pertaining to 'yes', 'no', or 'I don't know'. Often used to confuse a person, or answer indirectly.

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jabbles meaning and definition

(noun) jab-les (rhymes with "tables"): A Fiji water drinking, mandals wearing, Elliot Smith listening man-child.

Jabbo meaning and definition

Either a midget or an extremely tall guy. You will absolutely remember this guy. HE IS THE FREAKIN BOMB! The name is german and from east Friesland, Germany.

Jabboe meaning and definition

Another name for one's penis.

Jabbull meaning and definition

"A most delicious adult beverage consisting of a glass of Red Bull and a shot of Tangueray and taken like a jagerbomb resulting in an explosion of flavor in your mouth much like sweetarts."

jab end meaning and definition

See Bell-end, term used to describe the end of yer nob. Can be used also as an insult.


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