jackaroo meaning and definition

jackaroo meaning

1. An extremely attractive male one would flirt or "mac on" 2. The male equivilant of a "biddie" 3. Prime male macking subject 4. Opposite of a jillaroo

jackaroo meaning

A young inexperienced person working on a cattle or sheep station.

jackaroo meaning

(Aus) A person from the city or overseas with no farming experience who goes to work on a cattle or sheep station to learn farming and experience "the bush" or just to get away from it all for a while.

jackaroo meaning

A shit box 4wd that suck balls

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jake brake meaning and definition

Short for the Jacobs Engine Brake, a secondary braking system used on large deisel trucks like fire engines. Used with automatic transmissions, usually on trucks that carry a heavy load. The system uses the compression of the engine as resistance to slow the drivetrain. Beneficial because it reduces wear and overheating problems with brakes. Causes the engine to make a great deep sound that can be heard all around.

jakol meaning and definition

a term used by pinoys to describe someone who fiddles his own member...

jamona meaning and definition

noun; a monorail. combination of JA (the) MONA(rail) Pronouced jā-MOH-nuh


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