jamona meaning and definition

jamona meaning

originated from the greek word, "Juh-Mon-UH" It is a phrase shouted in ecstasy originally coined by Micheal Jackson. Could also be used as a verb, noun or adjective.

jamona meaning

adj. (Spanish - Literal translation: Female Ham) Pronunciation: Ha-moh-nah.It is said of the female that reaches her late adult years without a husband/wife. It was previously attributed to females that never got married or had verifiable long-term human companionship. However, recent social connotations include divorced women, especially those who married early in her adulthood, divorced quickly, and never got married or had long-term relationships again. These women are notorious for their sad lonely eyes and their irrational love for their pets.

jamona meaning

noun; a monorail. combination of JA (the) MONA(rail) Pronouced jā-MOH-nuh

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