jaw-dropper meaning and definition

jaw-dropper meaning

(something or someone) that makes your jaw drop.

jaw-dropper meaning

something very surprising

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JayWalking meaning and definition

The trajectory of a pedestrian illegally crossing a large thoroughfare against incoming traffic.

JID meaning and definition

A Giro Cheque issued on a fortnightly basis to the unemployed in Britain. Also: Jigger, Giro, Scratch

jizzed out meaning and definition

A feeling of exhaustion after a night of several orgasms. the releasing of your semen cause the emptiness inside of you. Renewal of your "army" takes time, therefore its as if your semen give you the energy to carry-out daily routines.

john cena meme meaning and definition

A meme that is all about John Cena, who is a WWE wrestler. The meme starts with something random then all of a sudden John Cena's name is yelled out and music starts playing.

John Cena Trolling meaning and definition

John Cena trolling is a typing of trolling used primarily on Twitch or Hitbox streams that have a built in YouTube video player. The way the troll works is by creating a seemingly innocent video for the YouTube player, but then around half way through, the video changes to WWE Wrestler John Cena Screaming "JOHN CENA!" Followed by a brief 10 second montage of him wrestling. A lot like a rick-roll, this was popularized on BrittanyVenti's streams.


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