john cena meme meaning and definition

john cena meme meaning

A meme that is all about John Cena, who is a WWE wrestler. The meme starts with something random then all of a sudden John Cena's name is yelled out and music starts playing.

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John Cena Trolling meaning and definition

John Cena trolling is a typing of trolling used primarily on Twitch or Hitbox streams that have a built in YouTube video player. The way the troll works is by creating a seemingly innocent video for the YouTube player, but then around half way through, the video changes to WWE Wrestler John Cena Screaming "JOHN CENA!" Followed by a brief 10 second montage of him wrestling. A lot like a rick-roll, this was popularized on BrittanyVenti's streams.

Jos meaning and definition

(pronounced "jahss") (noun) Jack Off Session. Occurs among two or more males at sleep overs, camp outs, etc., when group sex talk, watching sexy movies, or homoerotic wrestling matches makes one guy horny, and he has to leave the group to find a private place for some quality masturbation. Internet access is usually preferred, but not necessary. If multiple males leave together for a jos, the jos is called a circle jerk.

Jouri meaning and definition

Jouri is a Russian boy's name. Guys who have that name, are often very nice, sweet and sexy.

jotto meaning and definition

wat you would call the maddest bloke ever

Joy Buzzer meaning and definition

Shaking someone's hand with a little turd in your palm.