jst meaning and definition

jst meaning

Slang term for just

jst meaning

Just Ship That Shit.To rush unpolished and underdeveloped software for the purpose of making money. See shovelware.

jst meaning

Acronym meaning 'Just Saw This' for use when responding belatedly to a text message. A great time saver as 11 words are thus condensed down to three. Now instead of having to type out 'I'm so sorry, I just saw this' or 'sorry, didn't have my phone', the user can simply begin with 'jst' Granted these excuses are generally bogus, but this powerful little acronym doesn't care. It works equally well in deliberate or in-deliberate cases.

jst meaning

Just So Titanic or JST, referring to an event, person or activity that is sad or deeply emotional.

jst meaning

"Jewish Standard Time" Like CPT for Jews

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Juicy white girl meaning and definition

White girl with a wide ass and a tight coochie

juke meaning and definition

lets get this straight... jukin is when a female is workin a dude to a beat wit her ass towards his shyt... grindin is when she faces the other way n they grind they shyt togetha

Juki meaning and definition

any type of music act, generally poor in quality. Especially if they wear some kind of silly outfit on stage.

jump the party meaning and definition

A phrase to describe you just got it on with a girl, usually more than one. It can be used in past, present and future tense (see example).

jungle juice meaning and definition

Its a drug called Amyl Nitrate commonly used on the streets and in clubs. It comes in a small glass bottle. It is commonly inhaled through the nose. The effects are almost immediate, within 30-40 seconds, but last only a few minutes... the blood pressure becomes reduced followed face flushes and persperation.Side effects are- -confusion -vomiting -fainting -nauseaIn worst cases people have sniffed too much causing death.


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