legalize it meaning and definition

legalize it meaning

the government's top priority

legalize it meaning

Song by Peter Tosh.

legalize it meaning

the thing before Eden

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Lerp meaning and definition

A grub. Someone who never brings anything with them to a party (food, beer, etc). A parasite on the party or group of friends who brings them along. Someone who borrows things and never returns them. N.J. slang from Clifton back in the 1980s, still used around this area.

like it or lump it meaning and definition

usually a British phrase, meaning, " (...) whether you like it or not (...)".

lil bitch meaning and definition

someone who is whiny af and doesn't do anything for themselves i.e colton carson

like a bitch meaning and definition

Ultimate versatile similie that can be used for everything, mainly to do with the body though. Means extremely. Probably stems from the term bitchin'

Like A Boss meaning and definition

Used to describe something that someone did as amazing or awesome.