MOBA Dick meaning and definition

MOBA Dick meaning

A MOBA Dick is someone who is constantly trying to convince you to play MOBA games, such as League of Legends, or wanting you to sign up and give them credit, so that they recieve in-game rewards.

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Moba Disease meaning and definition

Multiplayer online battle arena pathogenic virus(MOBA Disease)is an infectious disease caused by the MOBA virus.Common symptoms: Irrational anger, self entitlement, depression, IQ drops, and urges to call people"Faggots."The most common spreader is"Shit"aka"League of Legends."All who come in contact with MOBAs eventually become infected. Though many people can go months without symptoms.There are three types of MOBA Disease that affect people. All types of the virus are spread through human to human contact through MOBA video games. The first type is named MOBA Primea Disease.(BAD) BAD effects nearly half of MOBA players.Those infected experience irrational anger at everyone they play with. They often AFK before five minutes. Common quotes include "1v1 me kid."&"Ru even ranked?XDD." These infected are most often Bronze. The second form is "Everyone but me is autistic syndrome."aka(MobaDowns) Those with "MobaDowns"(aka Moba Downies)tend to be more self entitled.They have altered perceptions of reality, and see themselves as the best players on their team.Anytime anything goes wrong, they blame everyone else. They disown other mobas. This MOBA Disease is VERY common in league of legends players. They will often end friendships over mobas. The third and last type of MOBA Disease is known as MobaDepressa or MDD. People effected by MDD experience very little rage.Infected are more likely to get depressed. These players often know mobas are toxic, yet chose to play them anyway.

mo bag meaning and definition

short for "homo." A gay person who is extremly annoying.

mobage meaning and definition

Combination of Mobile and Garbage, describe 99% of mobile game out there.

mobaged meaning and definition

1) To be completely taken for all your money in a mobile game in attempts to advance your character past free player status.2) to be given very dry, very unwelcome surprise buttsex with no reacharound.

MOballer meaning and definition

A person who uses smilies and the word Tfff to raise their post count on internet forums.