Machiko meaning and definition

Machiko meaning

Female guitarist and vocalist of popular Japanese underground punk rock group Machikara. Quite self consciously named her band after herself - 'Machi-kara' means from the city (machi), and she now writes the Japanese character for city for the 'Machi' character in her name. The band name could mean 'from Machi(as in Machiko)', so it's one of the vainest band names I've heard. Some Japanese people don't even know this connection. She's basically Japan's version of Avril Lavigne. But she writes her own songs :P

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machill meaning and definition

A variation of mabad. The "bro" version of I'm sorry.

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A nickname you give to a very preppy, bitchy, gossiper.

machimbo meaning and definition

A big guy who is not dominican although he swears he is.

Machimina meaning and definition

Machimina - (Muh-sheen-men-uh) Professional Filmingmaking within a controlled enviroment often with unpaid actors wanting attention in the virtual world of videogames and other 3-D technologies. Done under the supervision of the ProjectTOMM group located at