Mad Lyrics meaning and definition

Mad Lyrics meaning

1. To have a multitude of rhymes 2. Crazy Rhymes 3. Angry Rhymes 4. One of the dopest battle rappers about to come out and record; also look for Blaque and their collaborative album: Pooretry

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Madmac meaning and definition

A Madmac is someone who is generally "Mad" at the world,doesn't pay much attention to his/her surroundings alsoknown to be a cock sucking asshole, bird brain, bitch and a mother f*cker... Know-It-All, usually masturbates too much, GAY and a poor sport... if you ever run into a Madmac Run FAR FAR FAr away....... or pop a few rounds in the head.

Mad Macius meaning and definition

A name for a wanker

mad mackay meaning and definition

a mad, fat, musical man who smells terrible, sweats like a pig, calls everyone son (including girls and people his own age), never remembers names including his own, has the word mackay somewhere in his name and is mentally retarded.

mad mad mario meaning and definition

Mad Mad Mario is a video on YouTube which shows how fucking nuts Mario really is.

madmadmoomoos meaning and definition

1. originally used to describe angry and blood thirsty cows in the early 1980's when it was not uncommon for a bovine to become incensed by the slaughtering of its bretheren. 2. Now madmadmoomoos is more commonly used to describe your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. 3. Can also be applied to cool leather shoes, only the coolest though.