Maddy meaning and definition

Maddy meaning

A brilliantly smart girl, extremely hot, fun to be with. Can make just about anyone laugh. Inclined to psycopathic tendancies, but only towards people(or things) that deserve it. Very inquisitive by nature,and can't stand not knowing the asnwer to something. People are always jealous of a Maddy, mostly because they're against pretty people/smart people, or they just wish they were as cool as a Maddy.

Maddy meaning

A 'Maddy' is a person who is cooler beyond compare. By calling someone 'Maddy,' you are essentially saying that they are a god.

Maddy meaning

She is the most amazing person you will ever meet. You are lucky if you have a friend named Maddy. She can always put a smile on your face anyday. She is beautiful inside and out! She makes eveyone happy, everyday. She loves animals. She is funny, smart, sexy, awesome and loving. You should be amazed by Maddy.

Maddy meaning

One of the best friends you could ever ask for. If you ever find your Maddy, keep her close, because these people are the best of the best. They will always be there for you, whenever you need them. They can be slightly manly when they feel like it, and have been known for their odd fashion sense for years. Maddy's have a very fun personality, and are the type of people that can make anyone laugh, and are friends wih everyone. They are clever and funny, but lack in common sense. They are laid back and relaxed, but sometimes stress out too much, and need to learn how to calm themselves down. They always have a supply of chocolate- if you ever need cheering up, go to a Maddy. Maddy's are crazy, they will do anything if they feel like it, not matter how mad it is. My Maddy is the best of all the Maddy's.

Maddy meaning

An extremely awesome, hot, cool, nice, smart girl. she can make anyone laugh, and everyone loves to be around her. she has long hair, and likes sports. shes funny and outgoing, so she naturally draws people to her.

Maddy meaning

A girl who is sexy, beautiful, amazing, and creative. Loves to laugh and have fun.Is supposedly good in bed. She's flirtatious, and attracts all sorts of guys, though the ones she usually get's stuck with are not her type. But, she is strong mind, body, and spirit, so she can deal with anything and anyone. She might not be popular.

Maddy meaning

Maddy is an outgoing awesome person. She's insanely hot and has a nice body. She usually has big boobs and loves to make people laugh. She's a bit intimidating at times and can get a little mean but is awesome when you get to know her. If you ever meet a Maddy make friends with her and you won't regret it. She loves animals and can get a little self concerned. So if she does then help her out. And if your ever depressed and need to be cheered up then go to a Maddy. Maddy is a cheerful person.

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maddy and maria in love meaning and definition

a move that only the best can use. you take the breast of your opposing female compannion. then you must lead her in the second stall closest to the door in the upstairs bathroom. after you must look her in the eye and say how much you love her. only then will you be able to be preform a maddy and maria in love. this technique focuses mostly on the gentleness of love and titays. if you are not experianced do not try this move. it could be dangerous and harmful to those around you in the second bathroom stall closest to the door in the upstairs bathroom. anyway after you have your girl's titay you must hold her close until she start to yelp, that is the maddy part. then you must not let her go, this is the maria part. and then when you make sweet love that it the in love part and that is how a maddy and maria in love works

Maddy and Milly meaning and definition

The two sexiest people ever. Everybody wants to be part of them, and everybody is jealous of what they have. Every guy wants a chance with both of them, but only very lucky ones get it. Their everything people wish they were. True to themselves and others. Genuine, and great time. Good girls to take home to the parents. 2 peas in a pod.

maddy and olivia meaning and definition

Maddy and Olivia are the best of friends, no one can destroy this friendship, no matter how far apart they will always be BFFs. However many people get jelous of this freindship and try and tear it apart, but no. It is just to strong.

Maddy and The Mister meaning and definition

A witty podcast conducted every Sunday by a married couple, as they detail their day-to-day lives in suburbia with their two cats and the world.

Maddy Ann meaning and definition

A beautiful girl that has every guy after her. She is usually not VERY tall, but not short. Just general height. A Maddy Ann is smart, athletic, and is very funny. She achieves almost ALL of her goals, has a GREAT metabilism, and can make about anyone laugh at anything. She has a great sense of humor and laugh. Everyone is always jealous of a Maddy Ann, and will do absoloutly ANYTHING to make her feel bad because they are jealous. Some other types of people will try to become friends with a Maddy Ann because of her "coolness." But she always has true friends by her side.