Mancösus meaning and definition

Mancösus meaning

The name of a team of logic bandits who were demolished by a another team including an architect, a military medic, and an archer.

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Mancott meaning and definition

The act of real men refusing to use practical products for unconvintional and unreasonable reasons. Specifically reasons that do not align with reason, logic, or the reality of life. A mancott does not follow logical means of anything and will be used and discarded like most treaties in the world. (Burn treaty writers and their supporters)

Man-Cougar meaning and definition

<n.> 1. a man aged beyond 45 who is still found sexually viable by younger women. 2. the male counterpart of a cougar

Man Coulter meaning and definition

Nickname for Ann Coulter because she has what appears to be an adam's apple, probably due to her advanced age and extreme anorexia. BTW, it's not putting down drag queens, its a slur at her lack of femininity as well as blatant lack of humanity. She is hated by anyone with a sense of human decency.

man council meaning and definition

The dopest most legit group of individuals drawn together by their shared manliness and sheer awesomeness. They are united by the Creed of Hoohaa under the headship of the High Council. Membership to the Man Council is coveted by those too lame to get in especially by those of the opposite sex who have resorted to forming their own inferior wannabe-fakeass-imitation-kongfong council. The Man Council is the ultimate alliance, a secret organization feared even by the Illuminati.Man Council is Life!

Mancounter meaning and definition

A meeting between homosexual men that usually leads to sexual intercourse.