Meiko meaning and definition

Meiko meaning

The first Japanese female Vocaloid, and essentially the first Vocaloid Meiko was created by Crypton Future Media. She has a very strong voice, and does not(and really shouldn't) sound "cute", so when Hatsune Miku was released, her popularity went down, and it just kept on getting worse and worse. Eventually, there was even a fanmade version called "Sakine Meiko" to try and get her popularity back!Anyway, Meiko honestly has some of the best Vocaloid songs I've heard(Snow Rabbit/Yuki Usagi, Accordion in the Golden Sunset, Far Side of The Sky, ect. By the way, these are all subbed.) so if you've never heard of her, you should check her out.

Meiko meaning

A very charming person who has a lot going for themselves but doesn't see the potential that they have. very kind and caring but can be very mean when they feel crossed and betrayed. usually good looking and if not he/she makes up for it with their fun loving personality. once you meet a meiko you can never just forget about them like they were never in your life, they make a huge impact on you whether you want them to or not.

Meiko meaning

A Puerto Rican femminist who has no arms and will do anything for food and sex.

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meowy meaning and definition

A sweet, mischievous person. Also meaning agreement.

mertzle meaning and definition

if you are a mertzle you are now not considered a male or female but a skank box if your last name is mertzle you have a disease and probably eat a shit ton of cock from your wife

Miller™ meaning and definition

A not-high-yet-not-too-low end brand of beer. Miller Lite, especially, is popular amongst calorie counters, as it contains less calories than some other "lite" brands.

misogomy meaning and definition

Apparently discrepant collection

Misogynazi meaning and definition

A person whose over-the-top fear and hatred of women causes them to spew forth nonsensical, vitriolic rhetoric that is degrading and demeaning to members of the female sex on a regular basis.