Meiko meaning and definition

Meiko meaning

The first Japanese female Vocaloid, and essentially the first Vocaloid Meiko was created by Crypton Future Media. She has a very strong voice, and does not(and really shouldn't) sound "cute", so when Hatsune Miku was released, her popularity went down, and it just kept on getting worse and worse. Eventually, there was even a fanmade version called "Sakine Meiko" to try and get her popularity back!Anyway, Meiko honestly has some of the best Vocaloid songs I've heard(Snow Rabbit/Yuki Usagi, Accordion in the Golden Sunset, Far Side of The Sky, ect. By the way, these are all subbed.) so if you've never heard of her, you should check her out.

Meiko meaning

A very charming person who has a lot going for themselves but doesn't see the potential that they have. very kind and caring but can be very mean when they feel crossed and betrayed. usually good looking and if not he/she makes up for it with their fun loving personality. once you meet a meiko you can never just forget about them like they were never in your life, they make a huge impact on you whether you want them to or not.

Meiko meaning

A Puerto Rican femminist who has no arms and will do anything for food and sex.

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meila meaning and definition

Meila is sexy as hell, if you get the chance to date meila, take it! She has nice booty so if you're one of her baes, ASK HER OUT

meilah meaning and definition

Meilah is a brilliant girl, bright, and has a vivid imagination!She is very beautiful!Her eyes are the brightest, most vibrant blue. She is honest, respectful, determined, and driven.She loves a multitude of different things. She loves discovery. She is unique.She is curtious and kind.Her inner beauty shines brighter than the eastern star.

Mei Lai meaning and definition

Not to be confused with "My Lai" Please don't refer "Mei Lai" to this terminology, she will not like it.Is a Chinese name mostly commonly found in girls/women. When the two words "Mei Lai" are joined together it means - Double Beauty. When you are around her you can't help but feel good.See below for the Chinese characters.美麗

Meilani meaning and definition

Da baddest bitch anyone will ever meet. If an individual fuck with her, she is apt to punch the person in their dick (or general gentail area) until they become unconscious. DO. NOT. FUCK. WITH. A. MEILANI.can also be referred to as a Meimei

meileen meaning and definition

A rich chinese brat. Usually very selfish, no common sense or common decency.