Mitu meaning and definition

Mitu meaning

A wonderful human being who can become your best friend even from the first time you talk to him in a class.He is someone you can love very deeply.He is a strong man who is considered to be the only treasure and gift of life.An extraordinary guy who can ask you in a little paper to become his girl.A handsome man who you wish you could forever share your life with. However, not even a lifetime could ever be enough.

Mitu meaning

Mom I'd Tear Up or Milf I'd Tear Up

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mitua meaning and definition

Someone who likes to eat cock for breakfast, lunch and dinner

mitul meaning and definition

a person who is very caring and loyal. someone of indan ethnicity who is fun and outgoing and has a huge heart.

MITUMBO meaning and definition


mituna meaning and definition

a yellow-blooded troll in Homestuck. he is half-crazy due to a horrible accident. but is very lovable. latula is his matesprit.

mitur meaning and definition

It's an offensive term to use at a person of Hindi or Muslim descent. Also a pretty funny prank call.