Mob Audi meaning and definition

Mob Audi meaning

To Mob out or to leave a area/place.

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mo bay meaning and definition

Montego Bay, a tourist city on Jamaica's northwest coast that hosts many of Jamaica's international visitors due to it's international airport (one of two in JA)

Mobayeni meaning and definition

A raging erection flashed in public, and the violator doesnt seem to care, mainly due to the influence of alcohol or drugs. Oftentimes abbreviated to Moby or Mobsky.

mobb meaning and definition

- to engage in sexual relations-Sex

Mob Barley meaning and definition

It's a noun that describes the state of existence where one's b’s, m’s, n’s, and d’s, among other letters, phonetically sound either the same or flip plopped in pairs because of a heavily congested nose.

mobb deap meaning and definition

A frase that means to run away fast and not know where you are going.