Mon-citoed meaning and definition

Mon-citoed meaning

A state of utter confusion. Stymied. Exaggerated by the effects of alcohol although this situation can take place while sober. A mess. A fucked situation. Moned, being the precursor to mon-citeod. Traffic is to moned as a traffic accident is to mon-cited. If you had 4 beers you were moned. If you had 14 beers to you undoubtedly mon-citeod or simply "citoed" Cito, seeto - A dork or loser.

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Moncivais meaning and definition

A person who happenes to be very smart or very creative, usally not both. Who can get mad at the stupidest things then be happy as a clam the next, nomrmally know more than one language, but the most common is spanish! we ARe located in mexico and yet are somehow French. Who are we ?Who knows? we may be the best God Damn thing that ever happened to you, or your worst nightmare!!

monck meaning and definition

a man from amsterdam who enjoys dominating the market. He also sells cockrings.

Moncks Corner meaning and definition

The place in between civilization and the boonies. Full of rednecks and preps

Moncktoned meaning and definition

To fabricate data, a sham, a mockery of the truth.

Moncla meaning and definition

Moncla is a last name in French and also it is a place in France