Monch Gouge meaning and definition

Monch Gouge meaning

Noun. An inaccurate statement of information usually obtained by a third party source. Spoken with extreme confidence to make it actually sound plausible.

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Monchi meaning and definition

God of Grasslands.Monchis is an Nordic deity that watched over the plains in the highlands in Norway. Its cult was banned in 1457 along other pagan gods by the Christian, following instructions from the pope Nicholas V.Its is described as a giant goat with gray fur and long horns. The grass was supposed to grow wherever this god steped on, and its arrival is related to the spring.Today its used as a pseudonym in Norway and Sweden to refer to people with a green-thumb.

Monchichi meaning and definition

A popular doll from the 80's. Looks like a little monkey with a freckeled human face, usually sucking it's thumb.

Monchichi Demon meaning and definition

a short person who isnt short enough to be a dwarf of midget and is puportioned like a normal human being rather than short arms and legs with a big head, looks exactly normal except hella small (usually 5ft or so)

monchilla meaning and definition

The splicing of a mongoose and a chinchilla.