Monchichi Demon meaning and definition

Monchichi Demon meaning

a short person who isnt short enough to be a dwarf of midget and is puportioned like a normal human being rather than short arms and legs with a big head, looks exactly normal except hella small (usually 5ft or so)

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monchilla meaning and definition

The splicing of a mongoose and a chinchilla.

monching meaning and definition

verb. to monch. adj. moncher the act of digging up a corpse for the purpose of sexual pleasure. one person puts his mouth on the woman's vagina. the other person jumps on her stomach so the first can 'taste the goodness' that comes out. monching.

monchiskilla meaning and definition

a crazy ass little shit thats down for his hood and knows how to give the best head in the world. And also is becoming a t rhino

monchkala meaning and definition

a word to use, when you want to reply to an extremely long paragraph that someone wrote to annoy them.

monchoon meaning and definition

A thing, or an insult, it can be used however you want it to be.