Moncho-ponch meaning and definition

Moncho-ponch meaning

The area of the stomach where an irregular amount of fat is stored. The area is not only carrying too much fat, but the fat is so abnormally differnet shaped that it flows over the pants/shorts etc. to form a sort of front muffin top.

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Monchride meaning and definition

(Adj.) Meaning extremely good; something which is awesome

Monchu meaning and definition

A mythical creature who lives in the forest areas of Canada. He is also a brown man.

monchula meaning and definition

A woman's wild, unkempt bush.

Monchy meaning and definition

A Mexican skateboarder. Eats lots of food but is skinny. Lots of people like them.

Moncie meaning and definition

a slutty ass whore. Really ugly, skanky, two faced B*tch, who thinks is better then everyone else, they love stealing boyfriends. are usually dumb. most of them get STDs, Se creen las muy muys jaja Some are fat and have big noses, they are jealous, wants to have what others have but cant lol