Money Boy meaning and definition

Money Boy meaning

Tall guy from Vienna, Austria, who had a successful YouTube-Hype with a covered rap song. -Helps other people achieving Swag or simply turning their swag on, which makes him a Swagger - Probably has sex with your mother right now. - Never stops counting Money - Only person on planet that can mix German lyrics and English lines without sounding stupid. - Spits crazy rhymes all the day and night. - Can turn muddy water into sweet champaign. - Adorable body - no homo - and simply sexy.

Money Boy meaning

rentable young male person for sexual intercourseguy from vienna, austria, who covered soldier boys turn my swag on in german, which is the second language after kangaroospeak. great funmaybe you should look up wikipedia for homosexuality in china

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money bra meaning and definition

a game often played by middle schoolers involving the act of reaching one's hand into a girl's bra to retrieve money placed there often involving fondling

Money breeder meaning and definition

Females who do not study, pursue a career, improve themselves or seek any adventure or challenge in life. They sit in the same residence their whole life hoping to sleep with a man for impregnation and child support money.

money bucket meaning and definition

The bucket you put your money in. Kept in pockets of pants.

Money Bum meaning and definition

when a person makes the most out of his surroundings by using whatever he can to improve his comfort or situation in a bum like "situation" -- Mike

money bunny meaning and definition

An attractive and wealthy younger woman who financially supports her older man.