Monogamous non-relationship meaning and definition

Monogamous non-relationship meaning

A situation in which two people decide that they want to be sexually exclusive without taking on the title of "boyfriend" & "girlfriend" or having any type of official commitment. Often following a period of transition between casual dating and an established romantic relationship.

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monogamous slut meaning and definition

a male or female who submits to the sexual whims of his or her partner, is available at any time for sex, yet never strays or has sex with anyone outside the owner/slut relationship

monogamous understanding meaning and definition

An exclusive relationship or agreement without any titles. Your free when you want to leave and not obligated but devoted for the time being.

monogamout meaning and definition

A monogamous relationship that is never going to last.

Monogamust meaning and definition

One who insists on monogamy not only in his/her own relationship, but also the relationships of others.

monogamy meaning and definition

When you are in a relationship and sleep with other people but always tell your significant other about it.