määär meaning and definition

määär meaning

A swedish term for more, but with letter ä insted of e it's meaning is that you want to smoking more weed, the previous amount weed smoked is irrevelant. often followed by several shouts saying määär.

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Mabel meaning and definition

someone who has too large of an ego and spends most of their time masturbating behind the desk while she tells her students to be quiet so she can watch some really creepy trans-BDSM shit

mabtw meaning and definition

men are better than women

mabu meaning and definition

A hot girl who is super skinny and popular

Mabufu Koolaid meaning and definition

Mabufu Koolaid is the name or term given to someone who's fucking awesome and represent massive amounts of both hetero and homosexual sex. They often use tomatoes as vibrators and eventually use their own semen as marinade for steaks and other various forms of meat.

mabuhay meaning and definition

Mabuhay is the same as..."Live and prosper!" "May the force be with you." "Have a great life."


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