määär meaning and definition

määär meaning

A swedish term for more, but with letter ä insted of e it's meaning is that you want to smoking more weed, the previous amount weed smoked is irrevelant. often followed by several shouts saying määär.

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maaawage meaning and definition

A word spouted out randomly by anyone listening to anyone else talking about marriage. Also spouted out randomly when hearing "what brings us together today?" A line from the chick flick Princess Bride. Often used by as many men as women.

MAAB meaning and definition

maabs are normally ugly af. maabs also look like crispy bacon. did i mention they also have vagina teeth.

MAABF meaning and definition

My attempt at being funny.

maaboobian meaning and definition

Swahili for "Big Ears"

maace meaning and definition

a word used only in exceptionally good situations. It originates from a combination of Mint And ACE. Quite possibly the most popular and overused word in britain.


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