mabu meaning and definition

mabu meaning

A hot girl who is super skinny and popular

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Mabufu Koolaid meaning and definition

Mabufu Koolaid is the name or term given to someone who's fucking awesome and represent massive amounts of both hetero and homosexual sex. They often use tomatoes as vibrators and eventually use their own semen as marinade for steaks and other various forms of meat.

mabuhay meaning and definition

Mabuhay is the same as..."Live and prosper!" "May the force be with you." "Have a great life."

Maburaho meaning and definition

Is a romantic (anime) comedy based on a light novel series that has Comedy, Drama, Harem, *Magic* , Romance, School, elements within it . . . Main Characters Yuna Miyama Rin Kamishiro Kuriko Kazetsubaki leading male role Kazuki Shikimori personally i view it was exceptionally good but the people who reviewed it where either high # or low # I say its one of my favorites. . . . (9.0) out (10) sadly like most great anime it is relatively short only 24 episodes with additional manga . . . It's not perfect but i can look past its flaws and has a very strange ending might leave you confused or left hanging Maburaho; the word does not really translate into anything in particular but similar syntax features suggest magic and love and or if your smart i say it means (mab ur a ho)

Mabus meaning and definition

THE PERSON AT WORK WHO TELLS ME WHAT TO DO. Nostradamus was right. We all fear him.

macabridging meaning and definition

When your entire party stands up at the table of a public restaurant, as if you were going to leave, but instead of leaving you stand around the table and block the wait staff as well as other patrons so that you can continue the conversation you've had at the table during a meal that lasted over 2 hours. Many times this act of macabridging will extend from the table into the lobby of the restaurant as well as the front entrance. Occasionally the macabridging crowd will split into two groups allowing for more blockage opportunities.The record for macabridging (including meal time) is 5 hours 37 mintues, including the combined times of 1:12 waiting for everyone to arrive LATE, :24 to negotiate who sites next to whom, :12 minutes to rearrange seating after the order was placed, 2:14 for the meal, :45 minutes to get the checks straight after the wait staff was confused from the seat shuffling and finally the additional 1:50 for standing around the table after the meal which did in fact extend both into the lobby and the main entrance.