mabutke meaning and definition

mabutke meaning

origin: nerdfighteria.1. to create something out of sheer awesomeness. 2. to produce something relatively creative that works to defeat world suck.

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Maby meaning and definition

When a woman's pregnancy has not yet been confirmed by a doctor the potential baby is referred to as a "maybe baby" or maby for short. Maby may be used up until the birth of the baby in order to avoid jinxing the pregnancy.

Maby Dick meaning and definition

When a persons Gender is not obviously apparent. You are unsure if they are a man or a woman. Generally Obese People (Hence the reference to "Moby Dick"

Mabye meaning and definition

Some bitch i don't know the name of that doesn't know how to say 'yes' or 'no' so fuck it, i'll just call her mabye! Also, she a real Butterface and has 9 layers of hell on her face

Mabyn meaning and definition

Only the sexiest girl you'll ever lay your eyes on

Mabz meaning and definition

anyone who gets stoned off 2 paracetamols, 2 ibroprofen and lots of cough crap such as cough syrup. Also someone who blurts out randam shit, owns mini straightners (over-grown eyelash curlers) and thinks shes super coolieo (shes not).