macabridging meaning and definition

macabridging meaning

When your entire party stands up at the table of a public restaurant, as if you were going to leave, but instead of leaving you stand around the table and block the wait staff as well as other patrons so that you can continue the conversation you've had at the table during a meal that lasted over 2 hours. Many times this act of macabridging will extend from the table into the lobby of the restaurant as well as the front entrance. Occasionally the macabridging crowd will split into two groups allowing for more blockage opportunities.The record for macabridging (including meal time) is 5 hours 37 mintues, including the combined times of 1:12 waiting for everyone to arrive LATE, :24 to negotiate who sites next to whom, :12 minutes to rearrange seating after the order was placed, 2:14 for the meal, :45 minutes to get the checks straight after the wait staff was confused from the seat shuffling and finally the additional 1:50 for standing around the table after the meal which did in fact extend both into the lobby and the main entrance.

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Macabroni meaning and definition

Mac n' Cheese made for the bros.

Macabroni and Cheese meaning and definition

A classic American favorite cuisine. The "bro" insert is put in place simply when this dish is being consumed by a group of bros (young males generally characterized by open shirts, popped collars, mixed drinks, and unusually high self-confidence).

Macaca meaning and definition

Common French racist slur. Meaning and use is similar to English 'nigger,' and is used to described non-European (Arab and Black) North Africans. It was in particularly prevelant use during French occupation of Northern Africa. The term has been showing up with increasing frequency as a racial slur on racist websites and chatrooms. In considering the controvery of whether Senator George Allen truly knew the meaning of the word in his infamous August 11, 2006 outburst, it is significant to note that his mother and numerous relatives are ethnic French expatriates of Tunisia in North Africa.

macacable meaning and definition

capable of making a racial slur or any other type of offensive or stupid remark while running for public office and getting caught on video doing it.

macacalypse meaning and definition

When a candidate for political office destroys his campaign by using an obscure racial slur on camera.