mad love meaning and definition

mad love meaning

To harbor more than an average or normal fondness of or for something. A way to say you really like something.

mad love meaning

What Randy Jackson has for every contestant on American Idol. Usually uttered after the person has butchered a song for our listening pleasure.

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Madluging meaning and definition

A street luge group based in brisbane, Australia.

madly meaning and definition

Country slang for being a bit reclusive, a bit unorthidox, a bit unchristian, and a bit eccentric.

madlyn meaning and definition

Large Marge, fat, fuggly, no one likes her.

Mad Lyrics meaning and definition

1. To have a multitude of rhymes 2. Crazy Rhymes 3. Angry Rhymes 4. One of the dopest battle rappers about to come out and record; also look for Blaque and their collaborative album: Pooretry

Madmac meaning and definition

A Madmac is someone who is generally "Mad" at the world,doesn't pay much attention to his/her surroundings alsoknown to be a cock sucking asshole, bird brain, bitch and a mother f*cker... Know-It-All, usually masturbates too much, GAY and a poor sport... if you ever run into a Madmac Run FAR FAR FAr away....... or pop a few rounds in the head.