madagaskarth meaning and definition

madagaskarth meaning

where all time low fans reside, deep in the jungle of Madagascar.

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madagasket meaning and definition

Jocularly, any gadget you add to a vehicle, for instance a 4WD or Jeep, to keep it going in rough terrain, like when you're out on safari in Kenya or the outback. Taken from "Madagascar".

mad aggie meaning and definition

the brookline, MA term for something aggravating or annoying

Madagufta meaning and definition

"Ya bloody Madagufta."A term used for describing a person or object that is silly but also a daredevil/crazy design.

MadaHashi meaning and definition

MadaHashi is a fast-growing yaoi pairing in Naruto fandom. It involves Uchiha Madara and the First Hokage, Senju Hashirama. In MadaHashi, Madara is seme. Many people prefer HashiMada, in which Hashirama is seme. However, it could easily work both ways with these two.

madah faking meaning and definition

A phrase meaning "Mother Fucking".