madagaskarth meaning and definition

madagaskarth meaning

where all time low fans reside, deep in the jungle of Madagascar.

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mada mada dane meaning and definition

no not yet or not good enough It is a derogatory term, seen in many animes

mad dash meaning and definition

the desperate scramble at the end of the night to find some booty to hookup with; mostly refers to men coined by Dave Chappelle on The Chappelle Show segment Great Moments in Hookup History

mad dog meaning and definition

The most well known person on Saint Louis University's campus. Drinks Miller beer and studies economics. Takes minis. Has a kick-ass birthday party. One of the founders of Studio 52.

Maddy meaning and definition

She is the most amazing person you will ever meet. You are lucky if you have a friend named Maddy. She can always put a smile on your face anyday. She is beautiful inside and out! She makes eveyone happy, everyday. She loves animals. She is funny, smart, sexy, awesome and loving. You should be amazed by Maddy.

mad love meaning and definition

What Randy Jackson has for every contestant on American Idol. Usually uttered after the person has butchered a song for our listening pleasure.