marharhar meaning and definition

marharhar meaning

A laugh coming from a person in a strange state or acting like a hobo. Usually followed by giggles or laughs

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Marhavana meaning and definition

Just another funny way to say marijuana.

Marhizzly meaning and definition

A term used to describe when a Man's Jizz leaves a temporary spot on a girls skin.

Marhoe meaning and definition

1.) A girl who is very fat, obnoxious, annoying, has horrid muffin tops, and will more than likely try to steal your boyfriend. She can't apply make up and resembles an oompa loompa. She is a compulsive liar and chokes on objects frequently.

mari0 meaning and definition

Smarter then you, irc junkie, plays too much counter-strike, obviously owns you.

Maria meaning and definition

The most amazing girl in the universe. There is no one like her. One of a Kind. Beauty with Brains.