maruša meaning and definition

maruša meaning

A wonderful pretty girl, that deserves the best boyfriend on this planet. She might be quiet at first, but when you get to know her better and she'll get comfy with you, you'll find out that she's actually the craziest and best girl ever.

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masonized meaning and definition

The act of trying to flirt with a lovely lady (or usually man) but commiting a form of sexual assault with your eyes. To properly masonize, one must have their shirt off, give a wild hobos retarded gaze, and direct their attention to an unwilling party.

Megumi meaning and definition

Almost an Asian stereotype.A completely funny, weird, artsy, short, outgoing Japanese girl. Beautiful on the inside and out. Strong and independant and smart all around.Megumis are known for their innocence...but once in the bed room, they are WILD. Megumis have dark hair and dark eyes and can seduce you with their mischievous smiles. They are giggly in bed but don't let that fool you. They can be tricky in the best of ways.

Meiko meaning and definition

The first Japanese female Vocaloid, and essentially the first Vocaloid Meiko was created by Crypton Future Media. She has a very strong voice, and does not(and really shouldn't) sound "cute", so when Hatsune Miku was released, her popularity went down, and it just kept on getting worse and worse. Eventually, there was even a fanmade version called "Sakine Meiko" to try and get her popularity back!Anyway, Meiko honestly has some of the best Vocaloid songs I've heard(Snow Rabbit/Yuki Usagi, Accordion in the Golden Sunset, Far Side of The Sky, ect. By the way, these are all subbed.) so if you've never heard of her, you should check her out.

meowy meaning and definition

A sweet, mischievous person. Also meaning agreement.

mertzle meaning and definition

if you are a mertzle you are now not considered a male or female but a skank box if your last name is mertzle you have a disease and probably eat a shit ton of cock from your wife