misogomy meaning and definition

misogomy meaning

Apparently discrepant collection

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Misogynazi meaning and definition

A person whose over-the-top fear and hatred of women causes them to spew forth nonsensical, vitriolic rhetoric that is degrading and demeaning to members of the female sex on a regular basis.

Misogynerd meaning and definition

A misogynistic nerd, generally a gamer.

misogynet meaning and definition

The corner of the Internet specifically concerned with hating women.

Misogynette meaning and definition

A self-described feminist whose attitude and demeanor toward other woman suggest that she actually hates women. An ironic compound of misogynist and suffragette.

misogynista meaning and definition

A man who is so afraid of women that he actively dismisses their ideas, thoughts, goals, accomplishments and status of equality.


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