moazam meaning and definition

moazam meaning

adjective used for being full of life. also used for a person who is brown.

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Moazamian Position meaning and definition

noun; a sexual position where a female sits on a person's back and performs a back massage. Whilst this occurs, she stimulates herself used the clenched gluteal muscles of the person she is on top of. The person can be male or female.

Moazin meaning and definition

A gay fuck-Usually someone who needs to kill themselves. -Takes at least five L's a day. -Probably the gayest human being you'll ever meet.

Moazzam meaning and definition

Urdu name that derives from the word greatness. It is usually given to hot Pakistani boys. Once they hit puberty they usually grow their beard and they are into arabian girls. Always looking after their body, they are usually very fit. They have a funny sense of humor and a kind heart. If you ever cross paths with a Moazzam make sure you never let go as they are by far one of the rarest purest forms of men. One would also say they are God-like. (Half-God half Human).

Moazzami meaning and definition

Moazzami is one of the most respected Iranian families. The Moazzami family is one of the wealthiest and most successful families in Iran.

mob meaning and definition

italian organized crime. Originated from Sicily and came to New York city. Dont mess with us. Extorted and made nice clubs. Good people.