mobaged meaning and definition

mobaged meaning

1) To be completely taken for all your money in a mobile game in attempts to advance your character past free player status.2) to be given very dry, very unwelcome surprise buttsex with no reacharound.

mobaged meaning

The act of repeatedly being screwed over by the promise and seldom reward of high value rewards for purchase.

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MOballer meaning and definition

A person who uses smilies and the word Tfff to raise their post count on internet forums.

Moballin meaning and definition

Being a pimp beyond all means. Nuff said

Mobaloids meaning and definition

Persons that are somewhat retarded, working on a mobile related project. Must be able to mono task and only concentrate on one task at a time.

mobama meaning and definition

To have arms like Michelle Obama

mobany meaning and definition

1. your mom's parts.