mobama meaning and definition

mobama meaning

People who want more Obama in every area of their lives, bringing up Obama in most conversations, memorizing long passages of his books, and actually considering buying the commercial souvenirs of Obama's election victory like decorative plates, are victim to "mobama" syndrome, which is also what these people say to express their desire for "more Obama"

mobama meaning

To have arms like Michelle Obama

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mobany meaning and definition

1. your mom's parts.

Mobaphobia meaning and definition

A person who has an irrational hatred towards any Moba games such as League of Legends, Dota 2, Smite, and so forth.They commonly will toss out illogical insults about the video game genre as well as common misconceptions about the game and its player base.

mobarity meaning and definition

1)Total unadulterated freedom. 2)100% freedom without any conditions. 3)Freedom in it's purest form. 4)Freedom without government interference.

mobark meaning and definition

Our lord and savior.

mob around meaning and definition

a much better way to say hang out, hang out is lame.