mobark meaning and definition

mobark meaning

Our lord and savior.

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mob around meaning and definition

a much better way to say hang out, hang out is lame.

Mobasher meaning and definition

A pure definition of dick. Penis at its simplist form.

MOBASM meaning and definition

MOBASM. mow-baz-uhm noun 1. the physical sensation experienced adjacent to the pocket in which your mobile phone normally resides. Sensation is identical to the phones vibrate frequency, causing the recipient to check their phone only to find it has not actually gone off. 2. Buzzing sensation felt in the epidermis, causing the recipient to believe their phone is vibrating. note: The phone does not even need to be anywhere near you to experience a mobasm. verb (used without object) 3. to have a mobasm. adjective 4. mobasmic Multiple mobasm - several mobasms in a short space of time Fake mobasm - when your phone is actually ringing.

mobasoft meaning and definition

Mobasoft is a pseudo-acronym comprised of these parts: MO=abbreviation for Missouri BA=Based SOFT=software A Missouri Based Software company

MobaTrax meaning and definition

MobaTrax is a web traffic analysis system. By simply inserting a redirecting link in all of your hyper-text anchors (A HREF=) you are instantly able to monitor traffic flow coming into and leaving your site.