moran meaning and definition

moran meaning

Anyone with an opposing view.

moran meaning

The ironic way to spell moron.

moran meaning

The preferred method of spelling "moron" by morons, particularly that of a Missouri redneck at a rally supporting the US led war in Iraq.

moran meaning

Simply, the way a moron spells moron.

moran meaning

A moron's spelling of the word moron which means idiot. Also the name of a city in the state of Kansas.

moran meaning

The last name Moran derives from a variety of Irish surnames. Many people tend to relate the pronouncement of the name to sound like the word,"moron." A common misconception...well, sometimes.Ironically in retrospect, the name has been translated most as meaning,"Descendant of the Great One."

moran meaning

The correct spelling of moran when posting to fark

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Moranbah meaning and definition

This shitty town in Central Queensland is mostly populated by fags on scooters and dicks that barrel Heroin up their arms on a regular basis. Many of the town youth are stoned fuckheads who enjoy casual circle jerking and swimming in the Grosvenor, the Grosvenor is a river/creek famous for it's distinct beige colour that helps conceal dead animals and feces. The High School is known for 2 quite disappointing things; The famous "Shit Pond", and the wide range of degenerate "Children" that can be categorised anywhere between 50 cent sluts to drug addicted Bogans. These drug fiends will "Shank a hoe" and or "Fucking smash your head in" to gain what they believe is "Street Cred". Most of the Street cred is obtained at the infamous "Water Tower".

morand meaning and definition

this is a word derived from the french language. it means crazy cool, like the kind of cool that everyone wants to be. some have it and some don't.

Moranda meaning and definition

gorgeous, sweet, amazing friend, big ass, skinny, pretty, nice, amazing

morange meaning and definition

A word that has been created specifically to rhyme with another word.Often used in lazy song writing when you write yourself into the end of a line that needs to rhyme with 'opus'

Morango meaning and definition

Term describing a very beautiful yet outspoken woman.