mullbänk meaning and definition

mullbänk meaning

Slang for a piece of snus, Swedish-style tobacco.

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Mullbear meaning and definition

The mullbear is a rare creature who prides itself on his cultural knowledge, organisation, and physical stature. The mullbear proceeds to engage in physical banter if threated. An insecure mullbear can be unpredictable and a hazardous being. The mullbear is rarely seen, apart from his annual appearance at the MVC banquet, where it is rumoured that he sports a three-piece suit and a 12/10 schlick-back. BEWARE!

mullberry meaning and definition

when someone puts their mouth on your scrotum and blows wildly as to make a flagellating sound, much like the "raspberry" you give on someones stomach to cause extreme laughter.

mull bowl mole meaning and definition

Female pothead. One who is always found smoking weed, without ever buying it.

Mulldawg meaning and definition

A complete asshole, who thinks he is funny. A friend that is known as "that guy."