Nacaras meaning and definition

Nacaras meaning

A brillaint player on a popular MMO game. (Massive Multiplayer Online) Such as World of Warcraft.

Nacaras meaning

Used on the World of Warcraft (MMORPG) community to describe a Bad player, Or someone bad at the game.Commonly used in sentences in replace of the word 'Noob'

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Nacarato meaning and definition

1.Bulging area found on large older women between the waist and the genital area. Usually hanging out from beneath a belly-shirt on a girl who has no right wearing one. 2.A really short over weight man with moobs (man boobs) that drives a creepy van.

NACAronym meaning and definition

An acronym that realates to the National Association for Campus Activities. These are from past or present use and are quite confusing to those who are not part of the association.

Nacarrato-ed meaning and definition

To be randomly attacked by a younger new student for an extremely retarded, insignificant, or pointless reason.

Nacaruss meaning and definition

1. A medic on the field of battle. 2. An uber healbot.

Nacatamale meaning and definition

A Nicaraguen entree. The most famous food dish that comes from Nicaragua. It's a large tamale of sorts that usually 3 times the size of a mexican tamale. Made from cornmeal, with spiced pork,a green olive,rice,onions,tomatoe,green bell pepper,potato,a bit of fresh mint,a chili( it doesn't make it hot though ) and capers. Sometimes a prune or raisins are included. It's all wraped in banana leaf ( for flavor ) and then wraped in waxless paper and tied with string. Best reheated with steam, cause the microwave will dry them out. When pronouncing Nacatamale, the e on the end is silent. ( Na-Kaa-Tamall ). There you have it, Nicaraguas most beloved food! When you go to San Francisco find a Nicaraguan restaurant (3385 Mission St @ 30th St.) You'll soon be telling all you friends about your new discovery from the "urban Dictionary".