Nachand meaning and definition

Nachand meaning

When your roommates mom visits your college abode and drops an ass bomb in your only bathroom. Attempting to refresh the small room, she lights all available candles and exits the premise leaving the fan on.

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nachas meaning and definition

different word for pussy

Nachav meaning and definition

"Nachav" is french gipsy slang for "fuck off" or "get lost". As usual with gipsy slang, it's always pronounced as infinitive. Also if someone says this to you, they aren't joking, so you should "nashav" as quickly as possible. French gipsys are serious business, even the arabs fear them.

Nachbaured meaning and definition

1. (a) Having faculties impaired by alcohol. To be drunk or inebriated. (b) Exhilarated or confused by or as if by alcohol. Usually accompanied by slurred speach. Conversations seem to run in circles.2. To deceive by cunning or clever, artful skill. To be tricked.

Nachbros meaning and definition

noun: short for nacho brothers, word coined my hit television show "Scrubs" meaning two men who share a bond because one shared his leftover bar food, like nachos, with another.

Nachdurst meaning and definition

The particularly insatiable thirst you have when you are hungover.From German nach ('after') + Durst ('thirst')