Nachiketa meaning and definition

Nachiketa meaning

Nachiketa (Sanskrit: नचिकेता) also known as Nachiketā (Sanskrit: नचिकेत, Bengali: নচিকেতা Odia:ନଚିକେତା) or Nachiketas (Sanskrit: नचिकेतस्) was the son of the sage Vājashravas (Sanskrit: वाजश्रवस्, lit. famous for donations) also known as Vājashravā (Sanskrit: वाजश्रवा) is the child protagonist in an ancient Hindu fable about the nature of the soul and Brahman. The story is told in the Katha Upanishad (c. 5th century BCE), though the name has several earlier references. He was taught Self-knowledge, the separation of the human soul (the supreme Self) from the body, by the god of Death, Yama. Nachiketa is noted for his rejection of material desires which are ephemeral, and for his single-minded pursuit of the path of realizing Brahman /Moksha i.e. emancipation of the soul from rebirth.The word' Nachiketa' has various meanings which are interrelated with its other meanings:->>That which is unperceived. >>The quickening Spirit that lies within all things like fire, latent in wood, the spirit that gives, the unquenchable thirst for the unknown. >>Sacred fire. >>The one who is continuously looking for nothing but an unending spiritual energy.Nachiketa has been one of the most influential characters in Hinduism. Indian monk Swami Vivekananda said: "If I get ten or twelve boys with the faith of Nachiketa, I can turn the thoughts and pursuits of this country in a new channel."

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