Naked Day meaning and definition

Naked Day meaning

A day when you are the only person who turns up to work (e.g. a public holiday, graveyard shift, or similar), and no one else is going to be around, so you decide that it's safe to declare the whole day clothing-optional. Can be done for reasons of heat, humidity, & comfort; or out of sheer apathy. Embarrassment through discovery optional, not necessary.

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Naked delivery meaning and definition

A delivery company where a naked woman delivers the packages.

Naked diva meaning and definition

A female singer who performs in her music videos and/or on stage naked. they either come on stage naked or strip off all there clothes while they perform on stage. this is commonly done in porn music and sometimes other types of music. this was started by madam x.

Naked DIY meaning and definition

A colloquial term to indicate that one is masterbating.

Naked dodgeball meaning and definition

Where dodgeball is played naked. It is one of the toughest and most painful sports in the world but one the opposite sex loves to watch. It is most often played by teen men and teen women at a secluded hang out.

Naked Doggies meaning and definition

The act of getting naked on all fours with other people and crawling around and sniffing each others butts like dogs.