Naked and afraid meaning and definition

Naked and afraid meaning

When your girl doesn't know she's your girl and she's screaming because she doesn't know how she ended up in your basement

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Naked and Petrified meaning and definition

Naked and Petrified is an Internet-based troll meme, nowadays usually associated with Natalie Portman. It (apparently) first started out via comments on the SegFault website, and was used regarding Mae Ling Mak, a Linux magazine columnist. Its origins may lie in the Rocky Horror Show, where the heroes were turned into naked statues. After comments were disabled on SegFault, N+P moved over to Slashdot where it mated with some Natalie Portman related trolls and appeared in its present form. It is also closely associated with hot grits a la "Natalie Portman, naked and petrified and covered in hot grits". Articles written in late 2000 accuse the Portmanified meme of being played out, but it was still a favourite almost five years later. Even in 2007 it still pops up now and then.

naked and up a tree meaning and definition

A more complicated way of being fucked, bridging a dynamic of two or more ways of being fucked

nakedandy meaning and definition

a hobbit sized person with a legal mind and cares deeply about the meaning behind the meaning. a person with piercing eyes and a cold demeanor.

naked angel meaning and definition

A person who is generally considered angelic in appearance or actions stripping all clothes and care for the world.

Naked Apology meaning and definition

1. so sincere that when you offer someone a naked apology you are telling them that there's no way you are lieing because the apology strips you of everything that you are. 2. To give an apology whilst being naked.