Nakeesation meaning and definition

Nakeesation meaning

A mix of two words. Nakeesation is a naked conversation. Nakeesations are usually held at nudist beaches.

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Nakeeta meaning and definition

1. A popular dog name often given to slutty girls who love to steal pretty girls boyfriends.2. A fat girl who wears black eyeliner, has messed up teeth, thin stringy hair, drinks excessively, has poor nutrition, smokes and is addicted to weed.

nake-head meaning and definition

A person who cannot stand to have a naked head. Remedies for this peculiarity include the constant donning of hats and/or headbands. Often times nake-heads are mistaken for thugs.

NAKEISHA meaning and definition

fine, creative, picky eater, perfect organizer, the sweetest person that you will ever meet but don't get on her bad side. when angry she is like a hornets nest, ready to swarm on your behind.

Nakeishia meaning and definition

A foxxxy black female who loves to dance and party but has a heart of gold. Her smile is known to instantly brighten the mood of everyone who sees her instantly and if that doesn't work her immaculate looks always do the trick.

nakeita meaning and definition

A victorious person. Overcomes all obstacles. She never gives up on what she puts her mind too. Has a beautiful heart and would give her last.