Nakeishia meaning and definition

Nakeishia meaning

A foxxxy black female who loves to dance and party but has a heart of gold. Her smile is known to instantly brighten the mood of everyone who sees her instantly and if that doesn't work her immaculate looks always do the trick.

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nakeita meaning and definition

A victorious person. Overcomes all obstacles. She never gives up on what she puts her mind too. Has a beautiful heart and would give her last.

nakeitha meaning and definition

Strong independent female. She doesn't have a lot of friends and that's what makes her genuine.

nakel meaning and definition

Pretty fine girl who gets the job done take no shit and pop of on a nigga and she very smart

Nakela meaning and definition

a awesome talkative black girlrocks the dreads, loves sunny d would rock your world if she thought you where worthyalso know as chatty cathy, debby downy

Nakemia meaning and definition

A down ass girl, got a bad temper,freaky girl, with a big butt ready to party